Thursday, 11 November 2010

Call it what you want..

A lie is a lie, be it an actual untruth or just the omission of truth. Nobody likes being lied to, by anyone, be it family, friend, mere aquaintance or even a random stranger.

I'm not going to paint myself as whiter than white here, I lie at times myself, I think we all do, sometimes it's just the easiest way. But the easiest way really is not always the best.

I do have a point to this, I promise.

A few months ago, around Easter I think it was, I found out someone very close to me had gotten engaged. La di da, congratulations etc. Or at least you'd think so. Except that the only reason I found out is because this person had put it up on their Facebook page.

I still haven't been officially told. The person in question knows I know, and STILL hasn't contacted me to firstly, apologize, and secondly, tell me in person.

Why should they apologize? Well, I am their daughter, and finding out about a new step-mommy-to-be on Facebook of all places isn't exactly ideal.

I can't honestly say I'm hugely surprised, knowing this person and how they've been ever since I can remember. I'm not even hurt, I'm surprisingly apathetic towards the whole situation. I even wish them the best.

I just hope they let me know in time for the wedding. So I can buy a hat. And stuff.