Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bits and pieces..

I have this notebook. I use it to jot down ideas I have for blogs. My notebook is full of different Post-Its, and half written blogs. None of which I can find the words to write. This blog has turned out quite differently to the blog I had envisioned at the beginning. Instead of being an intelligent, witty place with a fanbase bigger than Wacko Jacko's (but with less hysteria and tears, obviously...), it's a slightly nonsensical, rambly thing with no real purpose, and my own brand of funny (i.e. not at all...)

But anyway....this post is basically just a quick update of the goings on of late!

What have I been doing with myself lately....?

WELL...I'm still working in that place...don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I'm finding the monotony hard to deal with, and the wall I put up when I started is getting tiring to maintain...

Family life has been stressful, with Shop-Daddy acting up, again. Long story short, Shop-Daddy has a flair for the dramatic...this particular performance (I'm too tired to elaborate...that's a post for another wont be an easy one to write...) prompting me to wash my hands of him completely..(obviously, that's never going to happen, but delusion is a wonderful thing..). That was all thrown out the proverbial window when he decided to get back in touch...Update on this particular situation pending.

Following on in my 'male (pah!)' theme...I'm left wondering why the male of the species have such a difficulty with such a simple task....texting.
I'm not going to regale you with the tale of my three-hour-romance (just add vodka and bake...) since most of you reading this probably heard enough about it last night...but if any males reading this could even TRY to explain...?

I turned 20 three days ago. I'm disappointed to say I still feel the same as I did at 19. I had hoped that reaching my 'twenties' would cause me to reach some new level of maturity...hmmm...maybe that doesn't happen until 21???

I think that's it for now. This entry should leave me free to post more fluff, for a few more weeks anyway!

(I just want to add that I'm very proud of the fact that I managed to type this with little or no difficulty, despite the false nails I'm currently wearing. Go me...oh yeah..)

Love and air smoochies! Mwah!!!


Niamh said...

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with Daddy-o hope that gets resolved soon. As for men - I still haven't worked them out, it doesn't get easier with age!

Shop Girl said...

@Niamh - to be honest, I'd be worried if I wasn't having trouble with him!

And yeah...why is that??