Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Feeding the obsession

Twilight makes me happy.

Pretty things make me happy.

Shiny things make me happy too.

So...Pretty, shiny, Twilight things make me very happy!!

(there were a few pictures taken...sadly, THIS was the best one...)


Darren said...

lol - I love that picture.

(I'm still not reading that book though)

Shop Girl said...

@Darren - *sigh*'re the one missing out though! :P

Anonymous said...

You will be happy to know that Meyer is apparently writing more! /shudder

Shop Girl said...

@Sinead - REALLY???? But..but she ended the final book with 'the end'..none of the others had that...because it wasn't..

Hmmm..maybe it's Midnight Sun you've heard about, it's Twilight but from Edward's POV?

Lottie said...

Are we going to have to book you into rehab?

Shop Girl said...

@Lottie - No, least, not until I start sniffing people's necks on the street...and hunting innocent animals and driving really fast cars..