Sunday, 4 January 2009

Gravity is evil!

A necessary evil granted, but evil nonetheless. It makes stairs a MAJOR danger zone. Well...if you're me, anyway...

I decided to be sociable, and visit a friend last night (Toastie and Mr. Toastie to be exact!) and we headed out to a club. I wore THE shoes. (the purple ones are mine)

Pretty, aren't they? The type of shoes most girls drool over.

The shoes are bastids.

The shoes made me fall. Down stairs. In front of people. People who included a dj and a very very cute bouncer. Who found my falling SO funny that he felt the need to tell the OTHER bouncers about it over their little radio thingies. Yeah...I forgot to thank him for that...

Making my way into the club, in a dress that may have been a little bit too short (I swear it was longer the last time I wore it...) and THE shoes, made my way down all the stairs but moment I was scanning the club for hotties, the next I was slamming my knees on the very hard floor, twisting my ankle, ripping my tights and skinning my knee. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or limp out of the place at speed. So I put my head in my hands, laughed...stole Toastie's tights, and drank the night away.

There was laughter. There was dancing. There was lots of alcohol. And hey...a good night isn't a good night unless SOMEONE injures themself, right?


Darragh said...

Personally, and it may just be me, right, I think high heel shoes on girls are possibly the most stupid, self-torturous thing the female race has ever inflicted on themselves. I mean seriously. Is being 4 inches taller worth the mortification, humiliation and bruises?

Hope you're okay though!

Shop Girl said...

@Darragh - short answer..yes. And they're so pretty!!

(and I'm fine...ankle is still sore but it was worth it...)

paddyinengland said...

of course it is Darragh, what you been smoking. big shoes, small dress when its freezing, tight bra to show off top 10s, long time fixing hair with a burning rod but dont they look lovely at the end of the day!

whoopsadaisy said...

Oh dear, well at least it was nothing serious and you got a blg post out of it :D AND all the bouncers were probably checking you out for the night...making sure you didnt fall over again :D

@Darragh - it's not only about the height it's the way they make you stand up straight (except for ShopGirl who goes horizontal!)

Shop Girl said...

@Daisy - The bouncers WERE watching me for the night...but I think they were kinda wanting me to fall again....bastids!

And high heels make dancing SO much more fun...there's always the 'oh, will I fall? Won't I fall?' element!! :D

ana. said...

Gah, this sounds like something that would happen to me! If there is a stair to miss or a curb to stumble over I'm your gal. Always good for a laugh later I suppose. BTW those shoes are fantastic! Too bad they're evil.