Monday, 8 February 2010

101 Things

So, from 3 things, to 101 things. Bit of a jump, but here goes. I can't promise this'll be interesting, but it'll be informative..

1. I am an only child.

2. I had 3 step-sisters for about a year, but not anymore.

3. I have 4 tattoos (or 6, depending on how you look at it..) with plans for more.

4. I don't like my job, but refuse to leave.

5. I'm quite a solitary person at times, and just need to be left alone.

6. I, apparently, have strangely flexible legs, and the way I sit freaks a lot of people out.

7. One of my 'party tricks' is bending the tips of all of my fingers, at the same time, without touching them.

8. I can cook about 4 dishes, and refuse to learn anymore, as I hate cooking.

9. I have had blue hair, pink hair, red hair, black hair, auburn hair, and brown hair.

10. I started learning to read at age 2, and am still a bookworm to this day.

11. I read, on average, about 3 books a week.

12. I aspire to be an ice skater, despite being scarily clumsy, and having a hatred of ice (and no rhythm)

13. I hate my upper arms, so wear a cardi with everything

14. I love vampires more than a person should.

15. I cannot stand the sight of blood, it makes me feel faint and want to be sick.

16. The same goes for puke.

17. I sing, constantly.

18. I'm a complete twitter-aholic, I'm only short of sleep-tweeting.

19. I love my mummy more than anyone else in the world.

20. I have more girl crushes than boy crushes.

21. I'm a total Gleek

22. I'm the messiest person ever.

23. I speak in a culchie accent a lot of the time, without meaning to.

24. I have a thing for foreign languages. They make me go all weak at the knees.

25. I am terrified of children. I just don't know what to make of them.

26. I am also terrified of leprechauns.

27. I have no huge dreams of getting married, but I have my bridal party's outfits and my dress designed, in detail, in my head.

28. Similarly, I am terrified of children, but I have my baby names picked out.

29. I am extremely insecure.

30.My middle names are Sarah-Marie and for years, I wanted to change my name to that.

31. All three dogs that I have owned in my past were declared 'gorgeous' but 'cracked' by their vets.

32. I have to have access to the time, at ALL times. I don't always have to know it, but if I don't have a way of finding out, I freak out.

33.I have an intense dislike for Cavan and Louth.

34.The only plant I have never successfully killed is my cactus, Rosalie.

35.I name everything, including my tongue bar (it's called Oscar)

36.The worst thing (apart from like..murder) that I think someone can do to you is cheat on you. I have absolutely no forgiveness for this, at all.

37. I have a bad habit of not saying what I think, and dwelling on it.

38. I get pissed off very easily, and then forget about it quickly.

39. But I do hold grudges, and once I have a grudge with someone, it is nearly impossible for me to forget about it.

40.I hate, loathe, and detest feet. Even my own. Well, one of them, one is acceptable.

41. I dislike cigarettes, and smoking, but do resort to it when very stressed.

42. I have a scar on my forehead, that I got when I smacked my head off concrete years ago. I grew my fringe over it to cover it.

43. Among my biggest pet peeves are: Text speak, spitting, and self important people.

44.I cannot swim, and am terrified to learn. My biggest fear is drowning.

45. I also cannot ride a bike, use rollerskates, or drive. Wheels and I don't get on very well.

46. I danced in an Irish bollywood film once. I was not seen in the finished film, thank goodness!

47. I cannot give away, or throw away, books. It's wrong, and makes the baby Jesus cry.

48. I used to attend Irish dancing lessons but quit after a few weeks because the teacher 'hit' me (and I wasn't really very good at it) I only joined to get the shoes.

49. I am a strong believer in Karma, and HAVE seen it at work.

50. I also believe in mediums, and fortune tellers. Which can be a very bad thing, sometimes.

51. I'm very easily stressed.

52. I'm also easily scared, and am constantly scaring myself.

53. I always feel slightly conceited when I say I live in a penthouse :/

54. I get far too involved in other people's dramas.

55. I'm very loyal.

56. I'm finding it very difficult to find 101 things to say about myself, never mind 101 INTERESTING things.

57. I cannot stand birds, especially pigeons. Unfortunately, they always seem to find me, and attack.

58. I get easily obsessed with things.

59. I hate all vegetables, apart from sugar snap peas (my limit is 5) - they make me gag.

60. I love writing, and can spend hours making up stories.

61. I far prefer actual pen to paper letters than e-mails or texts.

62. I love getting post - even if it's junk mail.

63. Everyday, I get a little bit more like my mother, and I actually don't mind.

64. I have a very dirty sense of humour, and can find filth in almost anything.

65. I constantly find myself chatting to myself while walking. And arguing.

66. The first medal I got in school was for playing the recorder. A skill I failed to maintain once I left.

67. I can spend hours sewing pictures - my current one is a faerie for my mother.

68. My socks never match.

69. I just laughed at the number 69.

70. I get urges to go to the beach at the oddest of times, but never do.

71. I constantly read things on failbook or sites like that and think 'ha that's something I'd do!'

72. I get excited when I see secrets that I identify with on Postsecret.

73. I trust people until they give me a reason not to, instead of having them earn it.

74. One of my biggest flaws is putting walls up between myself and other people.

75. I hate my nose.

76. I have a strange habit of thinking I'm in Dublin, even when I'm not in Ireland. Example - I was in Paris once, but in my head, I was still in Dublin, (and yes, everyone was speaking french..)

77. I once had a murderous hamster, called Jemima. She murdered her hamster husband, Jerry, in a fit of passion one night, and ripped out his eye.

78. I asked my mother if Santa was real, and was devastated when she told me the truth. I was 11 at the time...

79. My parents told me that all of my dead pets (hamsters and goldfish) were buried at the Pope's Cross in the Pheonix Park. Only recently have I been able to come to terms with the fact that they lied.

80. When listening to music, I have a strange habit of pretending I'm the person singing, and picturing myself as them, on stage. This is not gender specific.

81. I have a tendancy to make up words, and not realise I've done it.

82. I have no knowledge of dublin geography, despite having lived here all my life.

83. I say the words 'actually' , 'basically', 'stress', 'rage', and 'sadface' way too much. Basically.

84. My favourite fairground ride is the Waltzers, I adore them.

85. I would love to have a pet lion or tiger.

86. I once, successfully, convinced my supervisor to let me have a 'chipstick break', because everyone else was getting smoke breaks.

87. Everytime a Guard walks into my workplace, I'm convinced they're there to arrest me. I'm not guilty of any crimes.

88. I almost turned myself nocturnal the summer I was 16.

89. I love bruises, and get stupidly excited when I get one.

90. I refuse to open presents in front of people.

91. I once had a birthday cake with 2 penises on it. They were subsequently eaten by two of the only males at the party.

92. I was once told I'd make a great lesbian, if I wasn't straight.

93. I swear too much.

94. I often get referred to as 'Diz', 'Dizzy', or 'Daisy'. Daisy is a childhood nickname from my mother, and also my favourite flower. Dizzy is just how I am ;)

95. One of my tattoos is a swirly anklet, ending with a daisy. The anklet was to represent some of my favourite books, the daisy was for my mother.

96. I'm very shy when I meet new people, which unfortunately can be seen as being stand-offish.

97. I'm very good at pretending to like people I don't.

98. I used to know all of Steps' dance routines. Shamed.

99. I'm getting very excited to be nearing the end of this list.

100. I've been known to be slightly overdramatic.

101. I have no intention of EVER doing a list like this again.


The Jelly Monster said...

I love it!
You're like my twin and I love your nose, I want to kiss it.

TheRavingDave said...

ewwww dirty jellymonster..........why kiss someone's nose? you could get bogey's in yer mouth! hahaha

well done on reaching 101 dreamer! i particularly liked the 69 answer as that's just about my mentality as well. you're just a big filth bag really. mwahahahaha.

Daily Daydreamer said...

@thejellymonster There's enough nose there for you to kiss anyway, and still have some leftover! (i love nose kisses actually, but that's a story for another day)

@TheRavingDave - hweh hweh, I'm just a durty child..