Sunday, 7 February 2010

3 Things..

So, in an attempt to get me back to the blog, The Jelly Monster has tagged me in a 3 Things Meme. I hate Meme's, but I hate making her sad even more, so here goes. Sigh.

1. 3 things you love in your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Husband/Wife.
(do I tick where applicable? :P )

Ok..I don't do soppy, especially NOT on my blog, but (and these may not be the things I love most)..
I love how he never seems to lose his patience, or his temper with me, even though I'd try the patience of a saint at the best of times, and can be a right stroppy cow for no reason.
His dedication to things, and how, if he sets his mind to something, he'll get it done, regardless of how many distractions might be thrown in his way (ahem..none by me, of course)
And, just for cutes, his oh-so-adorable dimples! (he may kill me if he reads this..bwahaha)
They're the first things that came to mind, and, for the record, I don't agree with listing the ways you love someone.

3 things you love in a friend.

Ok, firstly, being able to be ridiculously silly, and have them join in, instead of looking at you like you're a few sammichs short of a picnic. If you can't be a loon with your friends, who can ya be a loon with, eh?
Complete honesty - if I look like shit, tell me. In the same respect, if I look awesome, tell me that too. If I'm acting like a monster, slap me back into place.
Being able to respect my space, and not need to constantly be there. I'm a solitary person at times, and like to shut out the world. Can't be dealing with someone who's all up in your face 24/7.

3 things you love in a book.
Only three??? Ok..

A good ending. I know it's cliched, but I hate reading a book, and feeling like you've been ripped off. Tie up the loose ends, and give me a happy ending, dammit. Unless it's a series of books, then, they have to end on a cliff-hanger. Otherwise, what's the point.

The new worlds they create. I love picking up a book and feeling physically unable to put it down until I've read every last word. And that feeling of coming back to earth when you've finished.
And strangely...the dependability of a book. The story is never going to change, no matter how long you have it, or how often or little you read it.

3 things you love in a movie

Humour...but proper, intelligent humour, none of this 'man gets hit by shovel, man falls down, oh how funny' lark. No, some sarcasm, one liners, and clever jokes, please.
Happy endings...nothing feels better than a happy ending in a film, it's just so satisfying.
And of course, just to be shallow, a totally hot leading man / lady (I'm not fussy when it comes to my eye candy ;P)

3 things you love in a blog.

Humour - again, if a blog can make me laugh, or even crack a smile, I'll be more likely to return. I don't wanna read a blog that bores me.
Also, I wanna get an idea of the writer when I read a blog. Put some of your own personality into it! If I think I'll like you, just from reading your blog, that's a good thing!
Readability. Long passages in blogs are gonna put me right off. Keep it snappy, if I'm reading it, I probably don't have much time to read essays, I wanna know what you're saying, and quickly.
(that's just what I like, by no means am I saying that they're the only things that make a blog enjoyable)

3 things you love to talk about

Work - I love getting the chance to moan about my day!
Films and books - Especially books that have been made into films...
Myself and the people around me

3 things you love to do in your free time

Sleep (exciting, ooh)
Read or watch DVDs - either alone or with company
Sew (yes, I am an old woman, masquerading as a 21 year old)

3 things you love to eat/drink.

Coke (I have a serious problem, but I'm working to get it under control)
Chicken (they say you are what you eat. I hope not - I'm terrified of birds!)

3 things you would love to happen in your life.

To find my dream, and make it come true.
To see everyone I love set up for life, truly happy, and loved. That would, in turn, make me happy.
To wake up one day and have turned into Hayley Williams (or at least LOOK like her!)

I'm not going to tag anyone, but it's actually not a bad meme, so sure, give it a try! It'll kill 15 minutes, if nothing else!


The Jelly Monster said...

It's about friggin time woman! I love your meme!!

The Jelly Monster said...

It's about friggin time woman! I love your meme!!