Tuesday, 23 December 2008

And THIS is why I love Tagged...

Because I get messages like this...

Hello how are you? i hope that everything is going very good with you. I did see your photo; I like it; it is something with magic you get easily a part in my heart; I was not able to resist and don’t let you fit in my heart ; something that I can't explain it with logic; me too i have never imagined or believed that one day just by looking at the photo of someone that I did never meet in person before; this can happen to me; I know that you don’t know me; it is not so easy for you to understand me; the logic and the raison did try to convince me to not write to you, but something inside; when my heart started to beat so fast and makes me feeling warm inside won against the logic and convince me to write to you; it is very hard for me to explain exactly what it happened to me by words;… You have a beautiful eyes; your look can tell me a lot; about how nice you are, you are for sure a nice girl with great personality; from your eyes I can imagine how caring; loving; intelligent and honest; my heart touched a nice girl with great personality only by looking at you; it open it's door and let you get inside so deeply ; this is the most important so I can say that I like who you are and the way you are; You may say that am crazy; but if crazy people feel this happiness and this warm feeling; as I feel when I look at your beautiful photo; I would love to be crazy during my life sorry I forget to introduce my self; my name….i have no name anymore crazy is enough for me and I love it; I study physics, but am not believing in logic anymore, because your magic and who you are force me to believe in magic also… I would love to be your friend if it is possible; I will understand and accept anything you say with love; because; I like you so much; respect you; appreciate you; care about you….. I will do my best to be sure that your beautiful: will never go away from your beautiful face…. warm hello from someone that you don’t know; but he started to feel that he knows you; he cares about you, likes you so much unconditionally; have a nice time take care of yourself"

I can't see myself replying...I'm a little bit I being unraisonable??