Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Not yet...

As I mentioned previously, I have a notebook where I jot down my ideas for blogs (the 'actual' blogs, I'm not neurotic enough to plan all my random video posts...). I decided tonight that it's high time I wrote another one (was that a cheer or a groan I just heard??), so I searched for my little pink Blog Book, and flicked through the post ideas in it.

There's one particular idea that I always stop at. It's one about a difficult time in my life, and, as yet, I'm a little nervous and more than a little wary of writing it (which makes no sense because pour enough vodka down my throat and I'll sob my sorry saga to the dog on the street and anyone else who passes by...)..Maybe I'm just not ready to see the words in front of me. It ended badly the last time I tried to write about it, and I'm not emotionally secure enough to deal with that again.

SO, I very quickly moved on, and spotted a much lighter topic, and an excuse for a rant, all in one! And as you know, (or should by now..) I love a good rant!

So here we go, the 'Pet Peeves' post!

First and foremost - Text speak. Is this not one of the most annoying things ever?? It infuriates me! I'm pedantic when it comes to spelling most of the time anyway, so I just cannot fathom why someone would deliberately's not quicker, or's just damn laziness (I'm getting all worked up just thinking about it!!)
AND bad enough as text speak in an actual text is, using it in am email, or letter or any written communication is just stupid. Vowels are there for a reason, mmkay? Learn to use them, all you lazy, text speak using bitches...yeah!!

Another thing is smoke breaks. As a non-smoker (evil, smelly sticks of death!!) I find it utterly unfair that some people get to take several breaks a day to have a cigarette, while I'm not entitled to any of those, just because I don't smoke. (obviously I'm not going to take a smoke break, but I feel it would only be fair if non-smokers were given breaks to each smoke break a smoker takes...) Seriously...if you must insist on smoking yourself into an early grave, don't do it on MY time!

Third, and almost last (sigh of relief anyone??) - rude customers. Obviously, they're part and parcel of my job as a checkout queen. But I still hate them and want to slap them in the face with a wet fish (while wearing gloves in general are vile...wet fish are a whole other level of grossosity...oops...tangent, sorry!) Just say 'please' and 'thank you'. If you drop something, or spill something, apologize at the very least. Don't stand having a conversation on your phone while I'm trying to communicate with you. All I'm asking is that people treat me (and other checkout kings and queens) with the common courtesy they would anyone else. Cos if they don't I'll just double scan and overcharge them...hehehe! **

Last, but not least on my list...spitting. Never has there been such a vile habit. Nobody wants to walk in your saliva, you dirty rotten fuck! Just swallow it! Spitting spreads diseases! In fact...I hope all spitters get diseases and die. So there!
(Also...just in case anyone should decide to be clever and make some sort of crude comment about spitting and swallowing...just dont. Thank you!)

So! Those are (some of) my pet peeves! What are yours??

(**DISCLAIMER: I would NEVER do that. I'm a good girl!)


Darren said...

Gd post. Rly liked. C U L8r.

Lottie said...

Oh smokers - yuck. When they blow smoke right in your face. Or when you are walking along the street and they are walking ahead of you flicking dirty disgusting ash back in your face.


Maxi Cane said...

I'm an ex smoker and I totally agree with everything you say, it's wrong.
But it feels so good!

I will not relapse.

As for my pet peeves, I hate it when people don't let me add jokes about spitting and swallowing in my comments.

I had a good one all lined up.

paddyinengland said...

Who flicks ash in peoples faces? That should result in some ass kicking.

And i hate people who spend ages on there phone on the bus or people who play music from there phone on the bus. Cant we just sit there and ignore each other in peace?

Shop Girl said...

@Darren - Grrrrr!!

@Lottie - I've never had ash flicked in my face...but I live with a smoker so I know all about the's beyond vile!

@Maxi - warning made with you in mind! ;)

@Paddy - Yes...that irritates the shit outta me! Welcome to my blog btw, thanks for commenting! :)

sineadkeogh said...

Have finally found your blog! Very nice to meet you at the IFI. Also hate smelly smoking :(

Shop Girl said...

@Sinead - Hey, and welcome!! Hope you enjoy it (and if you don't..well, you can just pretend!)