Wednesday, 1 April 2009

J'aurais voulu ne pas mourir. J'aurais voulu ne jamais grandir...

"Quidam, a nameless passerby, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past, a person who lives lost amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society"

Skipping out of the o2 tonight, it was almost like waking up from a vivid, amazing dream. Everyone around me was buzzing, wide eyes and smiles surrounding. Tonight, we all saw something we'd never seen before, something special, something spectacular.

I've been waiting for a Cirque du Soleil show to come to Ireland ever since I heard about the group I don't know how many years ago. I have a love of all things bizarre and circus-y, and from there, an obsession formed. And tonight, finally, the obsession was fed.

The main character, Zoe, a bored, impatient with everything she's seen, child takes us into her imagination, an Alice In Wonderland type place, with everything from clowns, and trapeze (sorry, cloud swing!) artists, to walking targets and a man with a hat, and umbrella, but no head.

The show was perfect, from start to finish. From the moment Zoe's parents started levitating in their chairs, it was obvious that this was a show like no other. The level of skill and obvious dedication those performers have is extraordinary. The balance of humour (with John the clown) and breathtaking stunts (my favourite being the Banquine) was impeccable, the music creating the perfect atmosphere, and background performers ensuring that there was always something to look at.

The one negative I have is nothing to do with the show itself. More to do with o2 and their stupid cameras allowed. I tried, of course, to break this rule but I was caught by an usher. I tried again, but it was too dark to get any decent shots, and I didn't want to risk using my flash. Rather annoying, my way of thinking is, if I pay 70e for a ticket to a show, I want to take pictures and remember it. Grr!

Below are just pictures of the...unbelievable performances I just saw...not mine, but they're still amazing!

Zoe and her levitating parents

German Wheel



Aerial Hoops


Cloud Swing


Skipping Ropes

Spanish Webs

Banquine 1

Banquine 2

Now...if you'll excuse me, I'm off to run away with the circus!


whoopsadaisy said...

Ah wow it looks brilliant!!

Holemaster said...

Looks like a great show. Is the new Point Depot venue any good?

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Daisy - it was incredible!

@Holemaster - it is...but it lacks the charm the old Point had. It's cool, but very showy...

The Jelly Monster said...

Cool pics! Looks like an awesome show!

Holemaster said...

The old Point had charm?

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Holemaster - Yeah!! Well, I thought so...

Anonymous said...

It's not the venue that restricts the use of cameras but rather Cirque du Soleil to ensure the safety of their performers. Ever try to do some of the actions they do while flashes keep going off? Rather dangerous I'd say.