Friday, 10 April 2009

Thanks to the Jelly Monster..

Well, thanks to Jelly Monster, I have to get my brain out of it's box, dust it off, and think of things I wish I'd 'thunk' of...hmmm..


Eek...that's a toughie. Think I'm gonna have to go with Little Miss Sunshine. I just love how it's not a typical 'Hollywood' film, with the gorgeous people and happy go lucky plotline. And anything with Steve Carell gets my seal of approval! Song

Emm...this changes by the minute, but I'm going to have to say Songbird (my favourite being the Eva Cassidy version). It's just such an amazing song, the lyrics are simple, but beautiful. Team that with Cassidy's haunting, pitch perfect voice, and you're on to a winner!

Chocolate Bar

Had to play eeny meeny miney mo with this one...and the result was...*drumroll*..Galaxy! The ultimate girly chocolate bar...and oh, the different ways you can have it. Caramel, nuts, Minstrelised, Rippled...need I go on?? So yeah...I wish I'd 'thunk' of Galaxy!

Well...since English Mum has already claimed make up, I'm going to have to pick something else (but I would've picked that..) I'm going to be completely girly and shallow here, and say, high heels. They always make your outfit better, they make you walk straighter, make you taller, and make your legs look thinner. What's not to like?? (I want the shoes, and the legs, in this picture!)


Oh my God...this one is quite difficult. Is it cheating if I take inspiration from English Mum's and say Live 8? I wasn't really around for the first one, so I can't remember it. I did however, stay up all night watching the Live 8 concerts (ok, so I was watching it all in hopes of seeing one band in particular, but still...)..fuck it, if it is cheating, I don't care, I'm saying it anyway! I wish I'd thunk of Live 8!

Ok! Now, to tag people. I'm going to choose Whoopsadaisy, Paddy In England and Laughy Kate. No pressure folks, I don't care if you actually do it or not, but I had to pick someone!

Meme. Done.


The Jelly Monster said...

Your song choice was amazing! I used to have that album and I couldn't listen to it without crying! What a sad ass eh? I loooove Galaxy, it's just so sexual!! Those shoes are fab, if you get them let me know where they are from and how much they cost! Fab meme altogether!

Daily Daydreamer said...

I don't have those shoes, but I have ones VERY them in Korky's I think it was, but they have the same ones in Simon Hart...

whoopsadaisy said...

Hmmm I'm only seeing this now. I do hate memes so it's quite possible I won't do this. Unless I think of some really cool answers, lol :D

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Whoopsadaisy - Haha that's fine, I just put down the first names I thought of!

laughykate said...

Ohh, I've only seen this now, too. Tis the week of the meme!