Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Blog for blog's sake..

I'm not even in the right mood for blogging right now, but I'm very aware that it's a few days since my last one, and it's starting to get a slight air of neglect around it!

There's very little happening in work at the moment, which can only be a good thing! No news being good news and the like! I have four days off this week, due to my boss fucking up spectacularly! (big shocker there!)..VERY happy about it at the moment...this time next week, when I'm about to get paid and I've lost 2 days worth of wages may be a different story though! 

On a more personal level...I'm finally making some solid friends in the place! A girl who I've known, and known of since I was around 7 works there, and we re-kindled the friendship we almost used to have! It's early days, but I think I've made a firm friend in her. So big smiles and happiness all round!

Also, change has happened between me and C.K...where before there was awkwardness and not knowing what to say to each other, as of today it would seem, that's just gone! We were joking and messing with each other, and just being dossers! Today was actually one of the funnest (funnest? most fun?? someone correct me please!!) days I've had in a long time! A lot of the people who know me well will know that I've been feeling really down lately, mostly to do with work and my boss, but I'm really on the up now! 

I also got my official training almost seems like I'm a permanent fixture! Which makes me happier than it woo!

That's about it really. I have very little else to say! Ciao! x 


Lottie said...

Glad to see things are looking up. It's an awful feeling to spend 8 hours a day working somewhere you don't like. Having nice work mates who you get on with is a big plus.

Stel said...

Hi there,

Just been reading some of your stuff. Great to hear your feeling better about your job and feeling less down on yourself. Hope things continue to improve for you, and you enjoy the fun in your work as well as the pay! ;)

karinajones said...

i'm always happy to stumble onto a new blog and the recent entry is something as happy as this.

"happines all around". I like that! :)

Shop Girl said...

Ah, sadly it hasn't lasted!!