Saturday, 30 August 2008

Just one of those days..

**warning - big ranty post**

Today was the checkout day from hell! I think the checkout gods were having a bad day, and decided to take it out on me...

It started badly...I had my least favoured shift (1.30 to 10.30). I was running late as it was, my make-up didn't look right, my eyebrows needed doing, and there was a speck on my trousers.
It was crazy busy from the moment I got in, too busy to even get my till OCD in check (my notes were all over the place...and don't even get me started on the card slips!)

I didn't get my break until 6pm, by which time the deli was closed so I couldn't get the lunch I had been dreaming about since about 3pm. Sigh. 

My boss was aggravating me by being there. Her presence is enough to annoy me. She casts a negative air over the whole place. When she leaves, it's like a cloud has lifted and everyone is far more relaxed and happier in general. 

I also had the most annoying customer EVER. She spilled something on her shoe, and expected me to drop everything and run around looking for something to clean it up. So I left my (very busy) till and finally found her something, and then she has the cheek to expect me to clean her shoe! Eh..get the boat missus!
So, back I potter to my till, only to have her Royal Moaniness pull up beside me. And tell me that she has to go out to get her purse. Now...maybe it's just me, but doesn't logic usually state that you BRING YOUR PURSE WITH YOU when you go shopping?! So she struts (or whatever the old person equivalent is) off, and comes back about 10 minutes later.
Pushes her trolley way too far, and then moans about how deep it is, and she can't reach her stuff, and is there 'not anyone around who can help get the stuff out'..
At this point, I'm about ready to snap, so I just tell her that there's no-one on the floor and that she'll have to just go around the other side of the trolley and bend over herself (thankfully my boss wasn't around to hear that!). Anyway..another of the customers helped her, and she eventually has her shopping done and paid for! (At this point, I'm about to commit granny murder)
So, I of course, offer to help her pack. To which she responds by sniffing at me, and saying in a long suffering voice 'it's ok, I'll try my best to do it'. So I let her. And she then asks my supervisor (who is pregnant) to lift her bag into her trolley. Eh, request denied! So I ended up doing it anyway. Even though she had originally declined. 
She infuriated me! 

So, I got my break finally, and came back in a MUCH better mood! Only to ruin it for myself off my chair!
I somehow managed to pull it towards me, and then push it as I went to sit down. So wheelie chair rolls off towards the window, and I land on my backside on the floor, legs in the air. Mortified isn't even the word. My cheeks were burning, and I can only imagine how red I was. To add insult to injury, I then had to retrieve the rogue chair. And yes, I did it in front of a queue of people. And yes, they tried not to laugh. But yes...they laughed. Bastids! 

THEN we ran out of bags. Not a one in the shop like! AND then our systems crashed. Bye bye credit / debit cards / gift cards / coupons, hello highly irate customer! (our atm was also down)

It really was just one of those days where you feel like saying 'fuck it all' and breaking down into hysterical tears and running out never to return again. 

But to end on a high! I'm going to the cinema on tuesday with my group of new friends....and C.K. will be there! Huge smiliness all around! 


Stel said...

Oh poor you, sounds like a horrible day. I remember doing 9 months in a supermarket when I left college, I hated every minute of every day, but the money came in handy.

Great that you making new friends out of it, remember its only a job, even if it does bug you.

Enjoy the cinema.

Shop Girl said...

It was just one of those days where you feel like tearing your hair out! Maybe not a bad day in the grand scheme of things but still..

karinajones said...

oh dear that does sound like a shitty day you had. kinda makes me think of Murphy's Law "anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

Shop Girl said...

That's it exactly!

Maxi Cane said...

Just stumbled across your blog through Lottie.

I like the bitterness! Sounds just like me when I had to serve the great unwashed!

I'd like to offer some words of advice, but I'm enjoying reading about your pain too much!!!

You're going on my blogroll.

B said...

You think that's bad?!

I'll give you one:
You've been given the task of single-handedly carrying f*cking barbeques up a staircase for a one hour shift that you had to do a 40 minute walk into and out from.
The delivery man winds up being an hour late, unpaid overtime but you've to do it or you'll get equally crap hours next week.
Midway through carrying one barbeque, some bitch at the checkout starts calling your name repeatedly.
When you get down you're told you've to pack some old woman's milk and break into a small bag.
The old woman realises she left her handbag in the car and walks VERY slowly to get it.
She says she's no distance away, so you've to wait at the checkout for her to return.
When she returns several days later, she orders you to carry out her bag.
You've to walk at her snail-like pace til you reach her car the far side of town where there's free parking.
She then says you've crushed her bread and drives off.
You've been delayed for so long that the shop has reached closing time, the person who was given the job of locking up is raging that you've taken so long... but won't help at all.
You walk for 40 minutes to home in the dark.

wow that was a bit angry... guess there's a reason it's POSITIVE Boredom.

Shop Girl said...

I work at a checkout. I'm the one who has to pack that old ladies bags, and listen to her moan at me as I do it. I'm the one who has to listen to deal with the complaints that there's never enough staff on, who expect me to trail around the shop looking for something that they couldn't find, and then listen to them complaining that they've been waiting for so long. I'm the one who gets grunted at by every fucker who happens by my till for bags (no..not THAT one, the stronger don't have any. FFS), or moaned at because *heaven forbid* we don't have exactly what they're looking for.

Because of course, as the checkout girl, I know all and everything about what happens in the hell hole I work for!

Hmmm...that was an unintentional rant..

Shop Girl said...

@ Maxi..I'm glad my bitterness brings joy to people!