Thursday, 19 March 2009

In Dublin's fair city..

Making the most of the bizarre weather we had yesterday (welcome back Mr. Sun, my old friend! Please stay awhile..), I dragged a friend of mine to Pheonix Park, to explore! (truth be told, we went to play on the swings, but they were taken over by those 'children' type things..)

We started off by crawling up the hill to the old Magazine Fort (friend thought it was hilarious that they had a fort for magazines during wars and stuff...until I explained what a magazine is..)

We followed a pretty little stream...

Which led to a bitch of a hill...but it was nice at the top..:

We found a tree to play on! (yes, we are just big children...)

But then my friend fell out of said tree, so we left that, and found some deer:

And a big rock..which we stood on, and did our vampire poses (as you do..)

And a bench...where we did the same! (I was not ready when she took this one!)

We were tired then, so we headed home, as the sun started to set over the magazine fort!


Lottie said...

Look at you with all your posing. Not a shy batting in sight.


Holemaster said...

It's a big playground really.

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Lottie - Pity bout it, I never again will take make-up less pictures!

@Holemaster - it is..and it's close enough to be like my garden!

whoopsadaisy said...

Ahhh look at you running around playing in the park. I'm so glad you've found a vampire-loving friend to share in the Twilight madness :P

laughykate said...

I had wondered where the sun had gone, could you send it back now please?

Also, if you scroll down the deer photo really quickly and squint your eyes, it could be a Monet.

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Daisy - She introduced me to it, it's her you have to blame!

@Kate - No!! It's mine, I'm keeping it! said...

Yay that looks fun!

Ronald Liu said...

Beautiful place.