Sunday, 1 March 2009

Whatever will be, will be..

I have had a dog, a family pet, in the past, but she's gone now. There will be another one, a beautiful one, in my future.

There is a dark haired man by the name of Derek in my future, who I will have a close, but not intimate, relationship with.

Apparently, and this is not my fault, two dark haired men (it's all about the dark haired men!) will fall in love with me. I might already know one of them, and I will be holding hands with him by the end of march (he's a lovely guy too, apparently...)

I am going to have three children.

I am going to run a creche. My career is definately going to be looking after other people's childen (plus the three of my own..)

I will live in a house, with no gates, but it will have a driveway (?)

I will feel the pinch of the recession at around April/May, but I shouldn't worry because I will get through it.

I have a very generous mother, who is an angel, and she is going to come into money at the end of summer.

I'm also a beautiful person, on the inside and out, and very gentle. I will get a lot stronger in the next year.

Or at least, that's what the fortune teller told me yesterday....


Lottie said...

You? Run a creche. Not with any of my kids. Fucking scary!

Daily Daydreamer said...

Heh it's funny cos it's true....(freakily enough though, even with my dislike for children, childcare has always been an interest of mine..)

Holemaster said...

Stay gentle.