Saturday, 28 March 2009

You know when you think someone who's not that cute is cute?

It's know you shouldn't, but you do?

This is mine:


Holemaster said...

I think of 'beauty' as a clock. Some people are 11.59

B said...

he's off criminal minds or one of those csi shows which instantly makes him repulsive

Daily Daydreamer said...

@Holemaster - huh?!

@B - Criminal Minds is amazing.

Penelope said...

I have to say that reid's character and whole persona make him extremely attractive. there is something about that level of genius that is irresistible. it would be impossible to ever get bored with him and the insight he could offer into yourself would be endlessly interesting too. Matthew Gray Gubler as a real person lol is also semi excemtric, very individualist and has a unique charm about him. all and all I definitely am daydreamin about this guy while i Watch all 24 episodes based him as we speak. ;) oh and criminal minds rocks and to give a little insight I aspire to be an author and a psychologist.