Monday, 16 March 2009

Lyrical Nonsense

Always surprising what putting pen to paper will result in...

Flawed imperfections, clouded reflections,
Showing hidden curled lips, spiralling eyes, making you
Less than nothing, valueless, priceless, you're
Meaninglessly searching for a rhythm, heartbeat that hints at relief from the constant battering of the air and breath of the perfection which you strive to touch, to feel within your grasp.

Peers on raised pedestals, an arms length above your head
Look on in pity as you struggle.
Hands extending but never quite grasping, a taste, a morsel, never savoured.
Smiling mouths reach frowning eyes.

A sweet sting, metal on satin, fire, danger and passion released.
A silver song, piercingly sweet, short in length, but neverending in memory...
Each note gasps, relief in each breath.
The flawed relfections in a tarnished mirror broken suddenly, spiralling, become beloved friends.


David said...

Beautiful! Do you have any melody to it?